In the Bunkers of Ideology

By Zak Shellabarger

The Psychology of Happiness

By: Adam French Why it’s easier to be happy than you think. Most people believe that happiness only comes with the perfect or ideal situation for them. “If I only …

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How Political Inaction Slows Us Down

By: Micaela Fischer As citizens of a country veritably overflowing with patriotic fervor and an inherited love for democracy, when given the chance to cast a ballot Americans are surprisingly …

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The Art of Killing Distractions

By: Adam French The Art of Killing Distractions 2017… A wonderful time to be a tech enthusiast and information-lover. I am one of those people so I’m often prone to …

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Freedom Fighters

By: Eden Still  Up until this point, I have covered the severity of human trafficking (see Modern-Day Slavery in 780 Words) and the common misconceptions surrounding human trafficking (see The Problem …

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Silence is Violence but Inaction is Too

By: Sabrina Hill A few months ago, I kept seeing people posting on Facebook against the repeal with the hashtag “#silenceisviolence”. Thousands of people make a difference within local communities, …

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It’s Okay to Not Have All the Answers

By: Micaela Fischer When thinking about the future, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of paths available to us.  College students and recent grads are especially susceptible …

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Living in the Tension

By: Kelsey Schuett There is a big, wide, room. In this room is one issue, of which there are two sides. The left side of the room is white, and …

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BREAKING: Attack in Melbourne, Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia There have been several critical injuries reported after a car plowed through a busy shopping area near Flinders Street in Melbourne, Australia. Over 19 people have been rushed …

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Human Centered Design: Part 2

By: Adam French In my previous article , I wrote a short introduction on the concept of human-centered design. This article explains how to adopt best practices of design in …

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